Whitman Celebration


8:30 AM – 1 PM
12 East 79th Street

Walt Whitman, America’s greatest visionary poet, invited everyone to join him on the ‘Open Road’ to spiritual insight and cosmic consciousness. In every utterance, he urges us to experience life as a living, breathing, joyous expression of our infinite nature.

“Leaves of Grass” is a love song to America, a declaration of the beauty and generosity of its people. He encourages us to see the sacred in the ordinary, and to know that brotherhood and freedom are essential to our humanity.

Come celebrate his 200th birthday and be uplifted by his boundless joy and practical wisdom.

We will read and discuss some of the most beloved sections of “Leaves of Grass”. All are welcome!

PLACE:  12 East 79th Street
8:30 AM:   Sign in / coffee available
9:00 AM:   Introductory remarks followed by 2 study sessions in small groups and a light brunch.
FEE: $30.00 which includes a light brunch and printed material.

At the final meeting there will be a live performance of music set to sections of Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” composed by Joseph Blunt, a student in the School of Practical Philosophy.

Tickets available online  You may register here for this event or at the Registration Office on the 1st Floor of 12 East 79th Street.