Plato’s Cave Allegory – Study Day




Plato explored the essential human questions — what is our true nature, how can we discover real freedom, and what sort of life leads to lasting happiness?  His teacher, Socrates, presents some answers to these questions in the Cave Allegory, one of the masterpieces of philosophy.  The allegory describes prisoners chained since birth at the bottom of a cave, unaware of the bright world above.  They are convinced that the shadows they see on the cave wall are the ultimate reality.  Socrates asserts these prisoners are just like us “for they see only their own shadows or the shadows of one another.”

What shadows do we take for reality, and what are the realities we miss? What are the chains that keep us in prison and how can we free ourselves?

Join us on Sunday, May 19th to immerse ourselves in Plato’s words, and explore these important questions during a day that includes an opening presentation, group study sessions, light entertainment, a great Greek lunch and more.

DATE:    Sunday, May 19, 2019
TIME:    9:00am to 3:30pm — Coffee available at 8:30; wine reception at end of day
FEE:     $50 (or $25 for full time high-school or college students) which includes refreshments, lunch, wine reception and materials

You are encouraged to invite family and friends. No prior knowledge of Plato is needed.

Tickets are available online by clicking here or by visiting the Registration Office on the 1st Floor of 12 East 79th Street, New York NY 10075.

SPECIAL NOTE: Study events tend to sell out quickly; it is suggested that you register well in advance to secure a seat.