Emerson Study Day: Compensation


SUNDAY, February 17, 2019
8:30 AM- 1:00 PM
12 East 79th Street

Come explore the spiritual and intellectual legacy of America’s great philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. We shall study selected passages from his essay “Compensation,” in which he examines the Law of Karma – the law of cause and effect. He recognizes that divine justice acts as a divine balance sheet, and we must always pay back what we receive. “All things are moral – Justice is inescapable.” He instructs us to acknowledge the unseen hand of Providence in all that is presented to us in life.

From the essay:

“The same dualism underlies the nature and condition of man. Every excess causes a defect; every defect an excess. Every sweet has its sour; every evil its good. ..For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gain, you lose something.”

All are welcome; no prior study of Emerson is required.

8:30 AM  Sign in / coffee available

9:00 AM  Brief Introduction followed by 2 study sessions in small groups.

Fee $30.00 includes a light brunch and printed material.

Tickets available online  You may register here for this event or at the Registration Office on the 1st Floor of 12 East 79th Street.