PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY ONLINE School of Practical Philosophy is offering Philosophy Works -the introductory Philosophy Course and other courses via an online, interactive format. Not a text-based chat-room, this enjoyable format allows the entire class to be heard and seen via the internet. The introductory series of 10 sessions is offered three times a year: in January, April, and September. The online course, at one hour a week, covers the first five weeks of the traditional two-hour classroom’s syllabus.

Fee: The introductory course is being offered with only a $10 administrative fee.  All other, ongoing, courses will be offered at the standard fees.

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About the Practical Philosophy Online offering:

We have gotten numerous inquiries — either from former students who moved away from the cities in which the classes are offered in traditional classrooms, or from people who have heard or read about the school and want to attend but again are located far away from where the classes are held today.  At present, students attend the online classes from several continents (North America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe) and time-zones from Pacific (GMT-8) to Eastern European (GMT+2) to India (GMT+5.5) to Australia (GMT+10).
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Technical requirements
a) You need to have a broadband (i.e., cable or DSL high-speed) internet connection with a minimum of  512 kbps upstream, 4 mbps downstream.  You can test your connection here:
b) A decent quality headset  is preferred but built in speakers and a built-in microphone or webcam-microphone will work just fine.
c) Your computer must be relatively new (less than 5 years). Windows users must be Vista or higher (Windows 7 or higher recommended).  Mac users must be at OSX 10.8 or higher. iPads and iPhones at IOS 6 or higher are now supported but are not recommended when a Mac or PC are available.  Android (4.4 and greater) devices are now supported.
d) You will need a webcam or built-in webcam.
Here is a link to some recommended equipment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to