The text and/or audio of lectures given by students of the School are found below.

The Meaning of Meaning — A Saturday Evening Talk in Search of a Point by Randolph Kraus May 9, 2015

Philosophy, Science and Religion by Howard Schott, October 2007

Cosimo di Medici & The Florentine Renaissance by Clement Salaman, March 1991

The Platonic Academy in Florence by Clement Salaman, March 1991

Marsilio Ficino & Botticelli’s Primavera by Clement Salaman, March 1991

Practical Economics: “Guiding Principles and their current application” by Christopher Wood, April 2009

Notes and Quotes On Forgiveness used by Michael Posnick, January 2011

Interactive Dialogue with the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature, by Christopher Wood at United Nations Headquarters, NYC  April, 2013


Below are articles published by members of the Economics Department at the New York School of Practical Philosophy.

Diseconomies of Scale, 2007
Capitalism as if the World Matters, 2007
Right to Work, 2007
Stewardship, 2006


Additional information on the lives of Plato and Socrates is provided below.

The Lives of Plato and Socrates


Monica Vecchio, head of Shakespeare Studies at the New York School of Practical Philosophy, offers some interesting links for Shakespeare lovers.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare