The School



Since its founding in New York in 1964, The School of Practical Philosophy has sought to communicate what the great teachers of mankind have told us about the true nature of humanity, our purpose in the creation, and how we might live a happy, full, and useful life.

From the very beginning, the School has drawn men and women of all ages and all walks of life who have wanted to simplify their lives and realize the benefits accorded by true wisdom, consciousness and joy. Through the school, these students have found guidance that is both systematic and gentle; techniques that are simple yet effective; and the good company of others searching for truth and a methodology to apply it for the good of all.

Hospitality is the first rule of the School of Practical Philosophy. This principle ensures that the school remains an environment suffused with a generous spirit of love, and provides a setting in which wisdom naturally flourishes. As such, The School of Practical Philosophy is run by its students on a voluntary basis. The tutors are also students who have studied the School’s teachings and philosophy for many years; they serve without receiving any monetary compensation, precisely because they want others to benefit from this knowledge as well.