10 week course in Practical Philosophy

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Philosophy Works- the Introductory course- is being offered for free this term, with just a $10 administrative charge.

This course is for anyone who’s asked themselves ‘What am I doing here?’, who wants to expand their world, their thinking, and the view they have of themselves.

Discussions are underpinned by the philosophy of unity, or Advaita, a universal, non-denominational teaching literally meaning ‘not two’. This is Eastern in origin, but of universal application because it points to the unity underlying all things.

The course is broad in scope, and is intended to be of real practical use. There are further opportunities available for anyone who subsequently wishes to deepen their studies.

The approach is practical rather than academic. There are no exams to pass. No sitting at desks. The course does not offer certificates or diplomas, but something much more important – a living philosophy that is of real value in dealing with the challenges of everyday life, and developing one's own potential as fully as possible.

Thus, Philosophy Works encourages everyone to access their inner happiness, wisdom and strength. The premise is that within each of us is an inexhaustible source of nourishment, well-being and understanding. The classes put students in touch with this inner resource through the presentation of key principles and lively discussions of experience in putting these principles into practice. To register, go to LOCATIONS/REGISTER above.

who am I?

The pressing demands of earning a living and other commitments can make it seem as if there’s no space for anything or anyone else.

Practical Philosophy shows that, despite appearances, space and freedom are always available, and can be found. Then the view enlarges, both of ourselves and of the world in which we live.

By experiencing this bigger picture, things change. Life becomes more fulfilling and happier. Its challenges remain, but they are seen and dealt with in a clearer, more effective way.

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