A Brief History of the Wallkill Property



In 1854, Gail Borden patented the process for condensed milk to meet the need to keep milk usable for longer periods of time. 


When Gail died in 1874 his son, John Gail, found himself with three million dollars in the bank, the president of five milk companies, and a dream. The dream was to build Borden Park, “a minimum of 1,500 acres of land, in a park like setting, where the sir knights of the time could get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, be at rest with nature and at peace with themselves”. In 1881, John purchased the property in Wallkill, New York and built his “dream”. 
In 1891, after the death of her father, Marion Borden took over full control of the Borden Park and the milk business. In 1900,the construction of Marion’s new home began and was completed in 1906.




In 1979, the School of Practical Philosophy purchased Marion Borden’s
mansion and surrounding grounds to be used for retreats and philosophy classes.